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Paul Foot Speaks!! The Revolutionary Percy Bysshe Shelley - Part 2

Paul Foot Speaks!! The Revolutionary Percy Bysshe Shelley - Part 2

Paul Foot laboured long and hard to recover the radical Shelley, the real Percy Bysshe Shelley.  He presents him to us both in his incisive, polemical and passionate book, The Red Shelley, and here in this Speech to the London Marxism Conference of 1981.  In Part 2, Foot investigates Shelley's atheism and feminism as well as his views on love.  But Foot also reminds us that Shelley was by no means perfect, and he unflinchingly canvasses his weaknesses - yes, Shelley had feet of clay - he was human.  The portrait of Shelley that emerges is at once electrifying and sympathetic; and it tells us almost as much about Paul Foot as it does about Shelley.

Foot hated authority just as Shelley did. When he said [in Part 1 of this speech]:

He hated the whole damn lot of them. Every single one of them that fell into any one of those categories or any other category which are parasitical, in one way or another, upon the working people.  He loathed and hated them. The whole of his poetry reeks with that hatred. But the other point is this: that it wasn’t just [a simple] hatred of authority. [He understood] the reasons for that authority – [he understood] the central cause of that authority. 

he might as well have been talking about himself. And those of us who for twenty years have lived through the preposterous, quasi-religious claims of the Silicon Valley, cyber-libertarian, technology elite, can, I hope relate. They are parasitical, cultural vandals who bring a new and fantastically dangerous form of authoritarianism to our world. Shelley had his battles to fight.  Foot had his.  And now we have ours.  Let's meet at the barricades!